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Sri Aksana Sjuman, also familiar as Aksan Sjuman, began his involvement with music at age 6, first with piano lesson from Ibu Marusya Nainggolan, followed by guitar lesson with Rusdi Johan, and then Music Theory with Frans Harjadi.  He decided drums as his major instrument and took drum lessons with Gilang Ramadhan, Pono Banoe and Ibu Sakina Djawas.

After Senior High School, Aksan studied music at Folkwang Hoechschule in Essen Germany, major in Drums, graduating with a Dipl.Mus.  Returning to Indonesia in 1995 he joined with the popular music group ‘Dewa 19’ until 1998, then he formed the group ‘Wong Acid’.  Two years later, in 2000, together with Anto Hoed and Melly Goeslaw he joined the group ‘Portret’ which he continues to perform and record with, until now.

In addition to Aksan’s career in music performance, he has also played with most of the top musicians in the Indonesian jazz music scene, included ‘Humania’, ‘Indra Lesmana Reborn’, ‘Riza Arshad Trioscapes’, and also well-known Indonesian jazz musicians such as Bubi Chen, Benny Likumahuwa, Oele Pattiselanno, Margie Segers, and Idang Rashidi and many others.  He was also a member of  ‘Joe Rosenberg Quartet East’, with Joe Rosenberg (Sax), Masako Hamamura (Piano), and Peter Scheer (Double Bass). They had recorded album title Joe Rosenberg – Version Two (2006). In the same year, Aksan also has produced and recorded his jazz album titled Peaceful Journey, featuring Joe Rosenberg Quartet East.

Then Aksan started his career as Film Scorer in 2006.  Aksan has composed and arranged music for several Indonesian films such as The Photograph, Laskar Pelangi, Garuda Didadaku, King, Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park, Tanah Air Beta, Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet, Sang Pemimpi, and many more.  Some of these projects have involved orchestra recording sessions in Hong Kong, China, and France, all conducted by himself.  Aksan also has also written and arranged several compositions for the Kreativität Dance – Indonesia.

Based on Aksan’s experience in performing, composing, and teaching music for more than 15 years, since 2010 He started Ponpin School of Music, that now become Sjuman School of Music. His vast knowledge, experience, and supportive passion has contributed greatly to many of the younger generation of musicians in Indonesia.

Since May 2013, Aksan also joined with Jakarta Art Council as Head of Music Committee.