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It is a true natural way of life when a 17 year old teenager, Arya Yudistira Syuman or Yudi as his friends call him, started learning ballet from Farida Oetoyo and Iko Sidharta at the Sumber Cipta School of Ballet, Jakarta.

His love and talent in dance, brought him to Germany to continue his study at the world famous Folkwang Hochschule in 1989. Yudi, who was born in Jakarta on November 11, 1968, did not waste his excellent chance to learn various dance techniques from super masters of dance of world quality.

From Bojan Jotov he learned classical ballet; Folkdance and Flamenco he absorbed from Juan Alarcon; the modern dance he received from Jean Cebron, Malou, Airoudou and Dominic Mercy. Graduated in 1994, Yudi joined Company Folkwang Tanz studio for 2 years where he had a valuable professional experience as a dancer by performing the pieces of Urs Dietriech, Susanna Linke, Olimpia Scardi, Rainer Behr, Marc Sieczkarek and Rafaella Giordano, in Germany and other countries such as Switzerland, France, Italy and Russia.

In his home country, Indonesia, he danced for noted choreographers such as Farida Oetoyo, Boi G. Sakti, Yanti Aranditio and Iko Sidharta. His expertise in dance, paved a way for Yudi to create his own choreographies.

Since his return from Europe, Arya Yudistira Syuman, together with Farida Oetoyo, Wong Aksan and his friend from Ballet Sumbar Cipta in 1997 established their own dance company by the name ‘Kreativität Dance – Indonesia’. Kreativität is in German language as a memory and appreciation of his study in Germany (as well as for Wong Aksan – his original name is Sri Aksana Syuman, who graduated from the same school with the subject of music). The other key persons also have followed dance training in Germany (Internationale Sommerakademie des Tanzes in Köln), such as Bianca Pulungan, Chendra Effendy, Christine Tjahyono and Sita Kristiana.

With the motto. “not to create something but discover something”, Kreativität Dance – Indonesia has a strong wish to push forward contemporary dance in Indonesia. In the 1999 – Indonesian Dance Festival, September 17 & 18, 1999 in Jakarta, this dance company has proven its professional ability. Besides performing its own two choreographies – Miauw and Nurani (by choreographer Chendra Effendy), it successfully collaborated with U.S. Choreographer, Howard W. Lark – The Summit and Korean Choreographer, JOH Seongjoo – Second Name of That Woman with all the dancers of Kreativität Dance – Indonesia.